Panorama Hotel in Istanbul
Panorama Hotel

Outdoor Pictures
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Lobby Pictures
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Restaurant & Buffet Breakfast & Bar Pictures
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General Areas and Landscape
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Room Pictures - Single Room
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Room Pictures - Double Room
6M0A4824_1024_702 6M0A4829_1024_683 6M0A4831_1024_683 6M0A4836_1024_683 6M0A4838_1024_683 6M0A4870_1024_683 6M0A4904_1024_683 6M0A4909_1024_683 6M0A4932_512_768 6M0A4950_1024_683 6M0A4958_599_768 6M0A4976_1024_683 6M0A4980_1024_683 6M0A4996_1024_683 d1_1024_683 DSC_8979_1024_678

Room Pictures - Triple Room
6M0A4820_1024_683 6M0A4865_1024_683 Panorama banyo_887_768 u1_1024_683

Room Pictures - Deluxe Room
6M0A5005_1024_683 6M0A5009_1024_683 6M0A5013_1024_635 DSC_8796_1024_678 DSC_8809_1024_678 DSC_8975_1024_678 s1_1024_683 6M0A4932_512_768
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